Dangerous Discord

Rules for reporting

If your report breaks these rules, we have the right to delete the report indefinitely.

1. No personal information

Do not provide any personal information of the user (e.g. doxing).

2. No spamming

Do not spam reports using the API or browser. Doing either way results to a report blacklist, meaning that you can not report anymore. The blacklist will never be removed.

3. No bullying

If you came here to bully a user, this is not a right place for it.

4. No trolling

Your report will be deleted if its purposely made as "fun".

5. API Users: Don't do API test reports to an user account

We will always delete all API test reports if they are made to an legitimate user. We also sometimes clear the reports from Discord's official accounts Allowed IDs for API testing: 643945264868098049, 669627189624307712

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