There is a bot called Nexus#5481 (777234996481097748) which is currently pretty popular because the bot is sending people messages which tells that some server has Nitro giveaways. The bot is verified too which makes people think that the bot is reliable.

It's very ridiculous that Discord has verified the bot which has participating in scamming activities. We don't think they are trying to get access to your account, but the owner seems to like getting Discord Nitro's for free. It's recommended to block the bot completely.

This is what the scam messages looks like.

The following text has been copied from the "Do Not Deal With" website:

The fact that this bot only sends out messages to invite the bot, and the commands are a total of creating an invite link for the bot and a 'grow' command which I assume just spams more invites suggests to me that this is a data collection bot.
A data collection bot (or a farm bot) is used to gather information on as many users as possible, with its goal being to grab username details for future spam advertisements which will be sold. This kind of data collect is against Discords TOS and is highly unethical.
The bot could also contain code which activates based on the rights it asks for. The Nexus#5481 bot is using the Administrator right which will grant it full access to the server. It will be able to take control of the server, delete it, or any other action the bot owner wishes to perform.