Discord has accidentally leaked their new logo with a new color, which might mean that the Blurple color will retire. Back in 2020, Discord filed a trademark for a new logo, which is the exact logo that has been seen with the few days across the Discord platform.

We are not sure if Discord is going to use the new logo and text. In our opinion, the new Discord font looks awful, some users might think the new text says: "DiSCOrd" (update: Discord will use the new logo, no information about the text though.)

All the iOS users might have received this video on the changelog page after updating the Discord Beta build:

The new logo has been seen in the newest beta builds for Android and iOS, and some Twitter users have reacted to it already.

Riverside Rocks has made a video where he reacts to the video provided above.

What are your thoughts about the rebrand which might apply within a few weeks?