Discord has now officially rebranded as it's Discord's Birthday. The rebrand was expected to happen today. Happy birthday to Discord though!

The reason why Discord changed their logo was because the logo was horizontally asymmetrical. The following text below has been copied from the Discord's newest blog post

Only the most eagle-eyed may notice, but the old logo was horizontally asymmetrical — something our Design Team’s been waiting years to fix. Small details such as “Clyde lives within a bubble” and “not symmetrical” can be deceivingly restrictive when creating new interface elements, art assets, and even merch items.
Discord's new logo and text font

The logo is not that bad, but looking at the text, it just looks awful to look at. Discord has also changed the Blurple color from "#7289DA" to "#586AEA", and some other colors too. You can check the new colors on the branding page: https://discord.com/brand-new/branding

The new colors

What's your thoughts on the rebrand? Let us know at [email protected]! Thank you for reading this new DiSCOrd blog.